Paris Street Scenes…in words

Ah, Paris is mid-March through April. It has been chilly much of the time here but is beginning to warm up now in mid-April. Of course the weather has helped in getting 1,000 words a day on my new mystery…yep, set on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Another Harrison Weaver mystery.
This morning while I was sitting across the street having coffee at an outdoor cafe, I got to thinking about all of the many visual stimuli that occur daily here…and everywhere else, but I’m here now.
Here are some examples:
A group of elementary grade school children on a field trip to Paris, walking along two-by-two and holding hands, with a teacher or guardian front and rear.
An elderly man with a full, flowing white beard and bushy long white hair speeding down the sidewalk on an old-fashion scooter, the kind you propel with one foot against the pavement.
A man in a business suit on one of the many for-rent Paris bicycles pedaling along in the light rain, holding a flowered-pattern umbrella over his head.
The skill the Parisians use to go in reverse up a one-way street; I guess if you go in reverse it doesn’t count that you’re going the wrong way.
The determined, no-nonesense click-clacking of young women in boots with hard heels on their way to work or some place apparently very important.
And of course, there is the occasional sound of police cars and their “ooo-eee, ooo-eee” sirens, just like in the movies.