A Neurotics Guide To Sane Living – Excerpt


    Certainly no less than weekly over the past several years we’ve been confronted with happy little articles telling us how to maintain our mental health…. We begin to realize that those who have presented us with treatises on maintaining mental health have all started with the same premise that we now begin to question.
In telling us how to maintain our mental health, they are assuming, right off the bat, that we have some mental health to maintain.
Now, maybe much of the world is in this enviable, rosy-cheeked state, psychologically speaking.
But I and most of my friends are definitely not.
We’re really, well, sort of neurotic, and actually having a hell of a time just trying to get by, nervously and apprehensively bumbling through life hoping not to come apart at our emotional seams….
What we need, we’ve come to realize, is some sort of guide to help us get through. We need something to help reassure us, make us feel less apprehensive, less inadequate; or, in failing that, some guidelines to let us know what to expect…

…with chapters such as “How to Parlay a Minor Injury Into Martyrdom,” “How to Be Brave in a Supermarket,” “How To Drink Like a Fish and Blame It on Others,” or “How to Pretend You Don’t Feel Sexually Inadequate,” and much more, all designed to help you bumble through life, with a chuckle.


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