Undertow Of Vengeance

A Harrison Weaver Mystery

Undertow of Vengence

Undertow of Vengence by Joseph Terrell

Following a lead from a reporter, crime writer Harrison Weaver finds a man and woman executed in the Outer Banks’ Nags Head Woods, their wrists tied to one another. This bizarre slaying, however, is only the start of other killings that draw Weaver and SBI Agent Ballsford Twiddy into an investigation that proves as frustrating as it is deadly, and involves a puzzling connection to a very unlikely place—a church. As efforts to nab the killer before he fulfills his promise that there will be others, Weaver finds himself and two of his friends facing a deranged murder, and Weaver must act fast to save himself and his friends—or they, too, will be added to the list of the dead..Read Chapter 1


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  • ISBN-13: 9781622680962
  • ISBN-10: 1622680960
  • Publisher: Bella Rosa Books
  • Publish Date: May 30, 2014
  • Page Count: 192


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